For residential and commercial projects, KHCL provides the following services via our professional and experienced staff:



In today’s complex construction market, pre-construction is the first phase of any project. Kilbarry’s construction team partners with owners and architects to review the scope of the project, analyzing materials, equipment, techniques and schedules and the overall impact on project costs, quality and timing. Drawings are reviewed at each stage of development for constructability and completeness.



Kilbarry Hill’s project management team brings a focused, yet flexible, approach to your project regardless of size and complexity. For corporate clients, we serve as an extension of your organization, complementing your capabilities and representing your interests through the entire project. Whether you require a complete project management solution, or only need specific areas of support, Kilbarry Hill’s Project Management will provide tailored solutions to fit your requirements. From the early planning and design stages through project completion and close out, our project management team will work closely with you and other project stakeholders in managing all phases of the project.


KHCL employs skilled, insured and licensed labourers and handymen as part of its in-house workforce. This service is geared towards developers and landlords, who are looking to complete their projects in a timely and efficient manner.